The Monument

(Documentary short, Expected release: June 2019)

In the summer of 1969, a group young people — LGBTQ+ street kids, trans folks, gender non-conforming youth, drag queens, and allies — fought back against a police raid of a popular NYC gay bar. This Stonewall uprising became the match that ignited the still fragile gay rights movement. In the years that followed, the LGBTQ community would gather together near Stonewall in times of celebration, mourning, and protest. In 2016, the area surrounding Stonewall was designated as a National Monument. From police riots to park rangers — The Monument explores the living legacy of Stonewall and ways in which this small corner of New York City has become a hallowed ground and sacred space for LGBTQ folks across the world.

This film is currently in production and will be completed for release by June 2019, timed to the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

The film’s producing team is made up Cheryl Furjanic and Will Sweeney (Back on Board: Greg Louganis), Eric Marcus (Making Gay History podcast), and Desireena Almoradie (In The Life and To Germany, with Love). The film is being directed by Cheryl Furjanic.

Tax-deductible donations can be made via our non-profit fiscal sponsor the Center for Independent Documentary to support the completion of this film.  

Other projects

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(Documentary feature, 86 minutes, 2015)

Back on Board: Greg Louganis is an intimate portrait of the public triumphs and private struggles of trailblazing openly gay athlete Greg Louganis. A refreshingly candid documentary about this four-time Olympic champion, Back on Board follows Louganis for three years as he struggles with financial security and reunites with the sport he once dominated but did not feel welcome in. The threat of losing his house during the recent financial crisis forces Louganis to re-evaluate the choices, relationships, and missed opportunities of his career.

A Good Uplift

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A light-hearted glimpse into a Lower East Side lingerie shop, where owner and Jewish grandmother, Magda, embraces and enhances women of all shapes and sizes in pursuit of the prefect bra. Behold as Orthodox Jewish Culture meets – and embraces – modern day struggles with sexuality, body image and women’s roles.