Divas Delite

(Promotional video, 5 minutes, 2001)

Business Partners and Life Partners Meredith Greenberg and Leora Perlman are Divas’ Delite; trained opera singers a full service catering company. Catch a rare (and lighthearted) glimpse into the inner-workings of the crowd-pleasing musical culinary team!

Gallery Screening

Homohome: Objects for the Queer in All of Us (2006) – Cinders Gallery, Curated by Kay Turner

Other projects

A Good Uplift

(Documentary short, 13 minutes, 2003)

A light-hearted glimpse into a Lower East Side lingerie shop, where owner and Jewish grandmother, Magda, embraces and enhances women of all shapes and sizes in pursuit of the prefect bra. Behold as Orthodox Jewish Culture meets – and embraces – modern day struggles with sexuality, body image and women’s roles.

Bar Talk

(Comedy short, 8 minutes, 2002)

A humorous look at what women are REALLY saying when they lock eyes across a crowded bar. Find out why some lesbians are too cool for words. (In Lesbian with English subtitles).