Cheryl does a wide variety of consulting and writing work. She accepts clients in all phases of documentary filmmaking — from idea development to the rough cut stage to planning for film festivals and outreach. In addition, she consults regularly for filmmakers and independent artists on audience building, fandom, crowdfunding, and social media campaigns. She also consults with educators who seek guidance about teaching filmmaking in a classroom setting. She conducts both private consultations and group classes.

In addition to producing her own work, Furjanic also produces for other independent filmmakers. She served as a Consulting Producer on Jean Carlomusto’s documentary Esther Newton Made Me Gay (2022) Viridiana Lieberman’s documentary Born to Play (2020), Stu Maddox’s Reel in the Closet (2015) and she was a Producer on Myles David Jewell’s Stranglehold: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler (2012) and is currently producing Stephanie Schiavenato’s Mother Cake (currently in post-production).

Furjanic has done freelance writing and consulting for NBC Universal and other media companies. Furjanic was a core team member in development and production of content for “The Caprican” – a story-driven “in world” website to support the Syfy original series Caprica (the prequel to Battlestar Galactica). She consulted on fan strategy initiatives for the Syfy original series Eureka, Warehouse 13, and for the Syfy brand. Furjanic was also an LGBT Contributing Editor for Comcast on the Xfinity TV blog where she wrote about Queer Film & TV.

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