Adventures in Miscarriage

(Documentary feature, in development)

Adventures in Miscarriage is an irreverent, genre-bending feature documentary about lesbian filmmaker Cheryl Furjanic’s pregnancy loss. Heartbroken after a traumatic miscarriage, Furjanic navigates her lingering grief using dark humor, surrealist vignettes, and absurdist fantasy to overcome the shame and silence of pregnancy loss while revealing the cruel treatment of miscarriage by the American medical system.

This film is currently in development.

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Despite the sobering fact that at least 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, there has never been a commercial documentary released about this topic. I am confident that the best way to explore miscarriage in a non-fiction film is to make it entertaining, deeply intimate, and really really funny. Camp is the LGBTQ sensibility that examines serious and often painful experiences through a humorous lens. Camp has long been a vital form of queer survival and resistance and is a central storytelling tool in Adventures in Miscarriage. For me and my partner Anne, our unbearable heartbreak was punctuated with moments of dark humor that, I believe, can only grow out of this kind of pain. The tone of this film mirrors the way that we coped with our grief.

This film will resonate with audiences who have experienced miscarriage by putting images and words to this unique kind of loss which can often leave one feeling lost and isolated. For audiences who have never experienced it, this film will reveal the profound and devastating impact miscarriage can have on a person — their emotional state, their body, and their imagined future.



Adventures in Miscarriage is a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Independent Documentary (CID), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Center for Independent Documentary is dedicated to collaborating with independent filmmakers, offering assistance and support in bringing their films to completion. All donations made to CID on behalf of Adventures in Miscarriage are tax-deductible.


Cheryl Furjanic (Director/Producer) is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and educator based in N.Y.C. She has built a career in documentary and works sometimes in fiction. There is a throughline in all of her work of heart, humor, and hope in the face of struggle and uncertainty. Her previous films have screened at over 150 festivals worldwide and on television. Her most recent film is The New York Times Op-Doc Stonewall: The Making of a Monument (2019). Her feature documentary, Back on Board: Greg Louganis, was broadcast on HBO in 2015 and nominated for an Emmy award and Producers Guild of America award. In 2014 she was named to the OUT100, Out Magazine’s list of the most compelling LGBT people of the year. Furjanic has been teaching documentary production at New York University for two decades.

Stephanie Schiavenato (Producer) is a Latina filmmaker, doula, and anthropologist. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at New York University, where she studies how families cope with pregnancy loss. She is one of the most experienced doulas in New York City, having attended over 400 births. She produced and directed Landfall (2018), a short documentary about the lingering effects of trauma on the relationship between her mother and brother who migrated from Colombia. It premiered at the Margaret Mead Film Festival and is in distribution with Pragda. She is currently producing and directing the short documentary Mother Cake, which explores the relationship between women and their placentas.



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