Q-Me Con Shorts

(6 comedy promos, 45 seconds each, 2006)

Painfully awful queer TV show pitches. YOU are the future of Queer Television (not these two, thankfully). Created for Q-ME CON 2006: The Queer Media and Entertainment Conference.

Starring Liz Dahmen and Clay Drinko.

Queer TV Pitch #81: Me and Judi Dench

A painfully awful pitch for a new queer reality TV show (starring Liz and Judi Dench).

Queer TV Pitch #68: Processing

Lesbians LOVE to talk about their relationships...wanna watch?

Queer TV Pitch #49: Heather Has Six Mommies

A painfully awful pitch for a new queer reality TV show set in a San Fransisco cooperative house.

Queer TV Pitch #23: DIYDQ

Do-It-Yourself Drag Queen...a very homo home show.

Queer TV Pitch #56: Unicornucopia

A new TV show...for kids! Unicornucopia...a cartoon about unicorns!!!

Queer TV Pitch #17: Pot of Gold

A game show...for gays.

Other projects

Bar Talk

(Comedy short, 8 minutes, 2002)

A humorous look at what women are REALLY saying when they lock eyes across a crowded bar. Find out why some lesbians are too cool for words. (In Lesbian with English subtitles).

Take This Hammer

(Documentary short, 9 minutes, 1998)

Legendary American Folk Singer Pete Seeger has been writing, adapting and performing music all over the world for over sixty years, and he’s still doing it. This time he puts down his signature banjo and picks up a hammer to demonstrate the longstanding tradition of work songs in America. Produced at NYU’s Kanbar Institute of Film & Television.