Back on Board: Greg Louganis

Documentary feature, 86 minutes, 2015

Back on Board: Greg Louganis is an intimate portrait of the public triumphs and private struggles of trailblazing openly gay athlete Greg Louganis. A refreshingly candid documentary about this four-time Olympic champion, Back on Board follows Louganis for three years as he struggles with financial security and reunites with the sport he once dominated but did not feel welcome in. The threat of losing his house during the recent financial crisis forces Louganis to re-evaluate the choices, relationships, and missed opportunities of his career.

Sync or Swim

Documentary feature, 90 minutes, 2008

A splashy look at a marginal sport: U.S.A.’s top synchronized swimmers endure rigorous training and overcome unthinkable obstacles to compete for Olympic glory.

Q-Me Con Shorts

6 comedy promos, 45 seconds each, 2006

Painfully awful queer TV show pitches. YOU are the future of Queer Television (not these two, thankfully). Created for Q-ME CON 2006: The Queer Media and Entertainment Conference.

People Really Interested in Dating Education (Web Series Pitch)

Web series pitch video, 2 mins, 2006

While in graduate school at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, filmmaker Cheryl Furjanic (and frequent collaborator Liz Dahmen) created this pitch for a dating web series and website! Perhaps they were ahead of their time!

P.R.I.I.D.E. (People Really Interested in Dating Etiquette). P.S.A.s

3 comedy shorts, 40 seconds each, 2005

A series of short comedic public service announcements about dating brought to you by P.R.I.I.D.E. (People Really Interested in Dating Etiquette). P.R.I.I.D.E. would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate a few simple things YOU can do to make dating a more enjoyable experience…for all of us. Pride…keep yours

A Good Uplift

Documentary short, 13 minutes, 2003

A light-hearted glimpse into a Lower East Side lingerie shop, where owner and Jewish grandmother, Magda, embraces and enhances women of all shapes and sizes in pursuit of the prefect bra. Behold as Orthodox Jewish Culture meets – and embraces – modern day struggles with sexuality, body image and women’s roles.

Bar Talk

Comedy short, 8 minutes, 2002

A humorous look at what women are REALLY saying when they lock eyes across a crowded bar. Find out why some lesbians are too cool for words. (In Lesbian with English subtitles).

Divas Delite

Promotional video, 5 minutes, 2001

Business partners and Life-partners Meredith Greenberg and Leora Perlman are Divas’ Delite; trained opera singers a full service catering company. Catch a rare (and lighthearted) glimpse into the inner-workings of the crowd-pleasing musical culinary team!

DiMassimo to the Rescue

Documentary short, 7 minutes, 1998

Three young execs from the New York Ad Agency of DiMassimo, Inc are assigned to the ”calf-adoption project.” Their mission: to rescue a baby calf from becoming veal – and maybe get some good PR out of the deal. Armed with a mini-van, a video camera, a can of Lysol and an expense account, they set out on a one-of-a-kind journey. Produced at NYU’s Kanbar Institute of Film & Television.

Take This Hammer

Documentary short, 9 minutes, 1998

Legendary American Folk Singer Pete Seeger has been writing, adapting and performing music all over the world for over sixty years, and he’s still doing it. This time he puts down his signature banjo and picks up a hammer to demonstrate the longstanding tradition of work songs in America. Produced at NYU’s Kanbar Institute of Film & Television.